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Seasoned Food Cyclists Tim & Betsy are on another caper, this time to invite Japan to dinner. Cycling through Japan the tweed crusaders will visit master food producers, chefs and home cooks learning about the fabulous produce they create everyday and in return inviting them to try British food at it's quintessential best.

Tim & Betsy cycled a 500 mile adventure up & down the vibrant lanes and valleys of Wales collecting fabulous foodstuffs and meeting incredible food producers along the way.
They discovered Wales and full-flavoured welsh produce is one of the hidden gems of the British Isles.

To cycle the length of Great Britain connecting 60 independent food producers is a tour de force.
To cycle 1200 miles, unsupported takes a will of iron and a bottom of rawhide.
To cycle it dressed in a tweed cycling suit and flat cap, on an 80 year old bike designed for groceries is a misadventure!

Coast to Coast was the first adventure. Linking food producers together in a daisy-chain from Weston-super-mare to Lowestoft, 300 miles by cycle in 11 days.
Before the ride began Tim had to renovate Betsy, a 1930s butcher's bike from a broken down rusty hulk found on a skip, to a long distance roadworthy steed.

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